Here’s what our clients are saying.

  •   Wonderful, very caring and compassionate service!! Thank You for having the compassion you do for our fur babies!! Yoda was my parents fur baby. He was my dad's best little buddy. We lost my dad in September of 2015. Now him and Yoda are playing together once again. Sad to lose him but bittersweet to know he was in great hands with Angel's Pet Crematory. My mother is ever so grateful for the beautiful job done in his memory. RIP our sweet Yoda

    thumb Amie Williamsetw

      We are so grateful this service is available. Heidi was like our youngest daughter and they treated us as such. Very sweet & caring people.

    thumb Amy Arnett

      I lost my fur baby, Mr Stickers, over the New Year’s holiday. I was devastated, I had this cat for over 14 years. Angel was very compassionate and understanding, being the owner of several animals herself. She offered to come and pick him up right then. Her facility is warm and inviting. She had him ready and in the urn I had chosen surprisingly quickly. She handled him with care and respect. I was touched to have gotten a paw print and a snip of his fur. Thank you Angel for making this difficult time easier.

    thumb Lisa Keeler
  •   The day that I brought my Maxie in was the same day he went to sleep. It was after hours, and I was very disoriented even though I'm familiar with the area. Angel stayed on the phone with me and gave me directions. She was compassionate and understanding the entire time. When I got there, she greeted us warmly. She treated my Maxie with respect. The office is warm, and cozy. It's a place where I could relax and find relief from what I was going through. I cannot emphasize enough how kind, and caring Angel is. Meeting her was more like meeting someone you're already friends with. When I went to pick up Maxie's remains, the urn was in a soft velvet-like bag, with embroidery reading, "Until we meet again on the rainbow bridge." I put all of Maxie's toys inside of it. She included a plaster casting of his paw print, as well as a lock of his fur. I can't help but tear up while writing this, but Angel, and the services provided, brought me a tremendous amount of peace; her conduct, the conduct of her staff, the small (but so, so important) touches she includes are.. treasured. She did right by me. She did right by my Max. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude.

    thumb Qz Rei

      I am truly thankful for Angel and Angel's Pet Funeral Home & Crematory. It is a blessing to have a place to spend precious final moments with your pet. Then Angel is there to see your pet is handled with respect and dignity. My experience was unique to me and my Sadie. I could not ask for a better way to say, "See you later.", to her. Thank you Angel!!

    thumb Charlene Dodd

      They were so kind and caring. The services received far out weigh the fee charged. Many unexpected nice things such as a paw print and a lock of our dog's hair to help us remember our recently departed dog. The turn around was amazingly quick. Very grateful and very satisfied.

    thumb PMK7734