Angel’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory is the only facility in the state of Oklahoma dedicated entirely to taking care of our four legged family members. We are not associated with any human funeral home. You can rest assured that your precious pet will be treated with care and dignity.


Everyone grieves differently and we offer a variety of services to make this difficult time as easy as possible for you, including pick-up and delivery from your vet or home, viewing rooms, and laser engraved urns or memorial stones. You are welcome to tour our facility at any time.

It’s Your

When a pet dies unexpectedly or is euthanized, it’s your choice how and where your pet is cremated, memorialized, or buried. Angel’s will work with any veterinarian office to coordinate services to make this difficult time less stressful for you. Tell your vet that you choose Angel’s, where you can rest assured you and your pet will be treated like family.

Compassionate Care

“Pets have become such an important part of our lives and I feel they deserve the same special care and compassion that we expect for all members of our family.” – Angel Askins, Owner

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Angel’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory offers private cremations for all size pets, conducted with dignity and respect for your treasured furry family members. Our state of the art facility was designed so that anyone who wishes, can actually witness the cremation of their pet. While no one wants to think about losing their pet, we hope to make a difference during a difficult time.


The Chapel can seat up to 55 people and can be used for a memorial service or celebration of your pet’s life. The chapel is also available for events or meetings.

Viewing Rooms

Angel wanted to create a place where families could say goodbye to their cherished pets in a warm, comforting atmosphere. There are two viewing rooms available that can be used in any way that makes the process easier for your family. Pets can be euthanized in the rooms by your vet as opposed to a cold sterile exam room in your veterinarian’s office. Or, Angel can bring your pet from your vet’s office and arrange the viewing room for your family to privately grieve and say goodbye. Pet siblings are also welcome.

Laser Engraving

Urns and stones are available for purchase and can be engraved with a remembrance for your pet.
Engraving services are not limited to just memorial items, but can be done on just about anything: leather, metal, or granite.

Pick-up and Delivery

Angel’s will pick up from your veterinarian’s office or your home at no cost within 25 miles of our facility. We also offer delivery of ashes to your home or other destination of your choice. Pick-up and delivery is also available to locations over 25 miles and offer after hours. Pick Up fee’s are $35.
Pick-up and delivery services can be coordinated directly with your veterinarian’s office if you choose.

What Our Clients are Saying…

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    Angel's did such a wonderful job with my fur baby. I am so grateful for them. Thank you.

    Zoya Allen Avatar Zoya Allen

    We had to unexpectedly put our first rescue cat down recently. The service we received from Angel's was beyond exceptional. From the time they picked our beloved pet... read more

    Shelley Sams Avatar Shelley Sams
  • They came a pick up my beautiful girl and held her as long as they could until I had the money to get her. They treated her death with serious... read more

    Loca46zy Avatar Loca46zy

    Angel far exceeded our expectations, cannot say enough about their kindness and exceptional services.

    Our fur baby was family and our hearts were broken upon her departure, Angel kindly walked us... read more

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    I recently lost my Great Pyrenees unexpectedly and I called Angel the same morning I lost him to ask about cremation. She was so sweet and comforting. I drove from... read more

    Brooke Riley Avatar Brooke Riley
  • They were so kind and caring. The services received far out weigh the fee charged. Many unexpected nice things such as a paw print and a lock of our dog's... read more

    PMK7734 Avatar PMK7734

    Our friend, family member, and life partner of over 15 years ... he owned us and we will love and miss you Derby! Angel's assistance in making the necessary final... read more

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  • Our Willow girl got ill suddenly and I ended up in Tulsa with her. I signed for Angel's to pick her up and cremate her. She called me... read more

    Karen Hill Avatar Karen Hill

    They were so kind and caring. The services received far out weigh the fee charged. Many unexpected nice things such as a paw print and a lock of our dog's... read more

    PMK7734 Avatar PMK7734

    I lost my fur baby, Mr Stickers, over the New Year’s holiday. I was devastated, I had this cat for over 14 years. Angel was very compassionate and... read more

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  • Wonderful, very caring and compassionate service!! Thank You for having the compassion you do for our fur babies!! Yoda was my parents fur baby. He was my dad's best little... read more

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